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Rat Infestation Eradication in Aldershot Hampshire

Rat infestation eradication in Aldershot

Robin has been called into clear a bad rat infestation at this domestic property in Aldershot, the property has suffered with rat problems for a number of years and the client's efforts to eradicate the infestation have always failed.

The whole property was infested, rats were regularly seen running around the rooms, there were rat nests in the sofa and under one of the clients beds.

The rats had even chewed the seals of the fridge freezer to access the food.

The rat population at this property was extremely high, Robin saw over 20 rats while surveying they property. With extensive activity in the garden as well as indoors!

Robin has set up a clearance and identified a drain fault in one of the properties manholes allowing rats to exit the sewer under the property.

The new kitchen extension drainage pipe has been put into an existing main sewer inspection chamber, the cement benching was never repair to seal the sewer. Rats have burrowed out of the sewer system and under the lintel to access the wall cavity.

Once rats have gained access to the wall cavity, they have free reign of the property.

But luckily Robin will have this infestation under control within a couple of weeks and the drain repairs will be carried out by Dean once the eradication is successful.


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