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Pest Control Aldershot - Rat Control

Rat Control in Aldershot

Today we were called by a client in Aldershot who had a rental property that had become infested with rats.

It was a large four bedroom detached property that had been absolutely trashed by the previous tenants!

Signs of a significant rat infestation.

It was clear as soon as you walked in the door that the property was completely infested, the rats had been left to get out of had for a long long time! How anyone was living in the property I don't know! The rats activity was particularly bad in the kitchen, where they had literally eaten their way into the fridge & freezer to access the food.

As you can see by the picture (Right) rat had been accessing the food in the freezer.

It's quite unusual to see rat populations quite as large as they are in this property.

The rat infestation wasn't confined to the interior of the property, there were lots of rat burrows and runs all around the garden.

When we spoke to the neighbours they informed us that the whole street had been battling rat issues for months!

As you can see from the pictures above, this is one of the worst rat infestations we have seen in a domestic property. It will take a few visits to clear the infestation but we will get there in the end!

If you have pest control in Aldershot give us a call on 01252560450



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