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Pest Control in Barton Stacey - DKG Pest Control Hampshire

Updated: May 6, 2022

Pest Control in Barton Stacey Hampshire

We have recently resolved a long standing rat infestation at a beautiful property in Barton Stacey.

The property had been suffer constant repeat rat infestations for approaching 6 years, and a source of the infestation was never identified.

On our first inspection of the 6 bedroom property only 1 manhole could be found, and had been baited by previous companies.

The previous company had also installed a non-return rodent valve in this manhole.

Instantly Dean knew on such a large property with so many en-suite bathrooms and other internal drainage that there had to be more inspection chambers at the property. After dye testing the sewer only one en-suite exited the property through the manhole where the work had been carried out with no effect.

Dean organised for our drainage engineer to carry out a CCTV test a few days later which revealed the extent of the problem! Three inspection chambers hidden under the patio, a redundant drain line under the dining room floor (was once the kitchen) and a broken drain line by the foundation’s of the extension.

The inspection chamber that had been found and the pest control company had been baiting was the highest manhole on the property meaning it was the last on the drain run that rats could get to, so any work carried out here was be completely ineffective at achieving control of the rat infestation.

During the CCTV test there was actually a rat trying to get back in the end of the redundant drain right in front of the camera!

Now the source has been identified we have organised for the drain repairs to be made, non-return rodent valves will be installed correctly and they inspection chambers will be left accessible. We know we aren’t the cheapest pest control company in Hampshire but just see our reviews! We provide a different level of value when compared with a lot of other companies.


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