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Rat Infestation Removal Hampshire - DKG Pest Control LTD

Updated: May 6, 2022

Rat Control Hampshire

Rat Infestation Eradication in Fleet Hampshire

Our technicians have been carrying out a site survey today at large domestic property in Fleet. The neighbour has been feeding the birds excessively with over 20 bird feeders in the garden, and although the other residents had asked the lady to think of the other residents and reduce the amount of bird feeders. This just prompted her to put more bird feeders up, and start feeding the rats bread as well!

We have been round and spoke to the neighbour ourselves which also fell on deaf ears, so a report is being sent into the Environmental Health Officer. Once the EHO has completed a site visit we will go back with and start the eradication.

Rat Infestation Eradication

While on site today our technicians saw close to 30 rats around the bird feeders and climbing the trees like squirrels! This rat infestation will be too large to control with traps and with so many non-target species present that risk secondary poisoning by FGAR and SGAR rodenticide and the heavy resistance to FGAR’s here making them useless! Our environmental risk assessment couldn’t justify the use of either under the CRRU Code of Best Practice.

So we have decided to start with the environmental changes such as harbourage removal, keeping flower boarders heavily weeded and opened up, proofed the building and outbuildings as much as practically possible and given advice to remove food sources.

We have set traps, and places bait point’s containing no active ingredients to allow them to weather into the environment, after the EHO visit in around a week. We will return and really start the eradication of the rat infestation with the use of a new product Solentra, which removes the risk of secondary poisoning.

We estimate the eradication will be achieved with 35 days.

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